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Your 'Water Of Life Symposium 2017' Experience

by Anthony AK King on 08/31/17

Greetings WOLS 2017 Attendees...

1. Please share your WOLS 2017 experience.

2. Please share your thoughts and suggestions for 2018.

Thank you

I Love You All! :-)

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1. Adria said on 9/26/17 - 04:46PM
My WOLS 2017 experience was amazing! The information and love shared was phenomenal! <3<3<3 I am looking forward to a greater experience in 2018. See you in the desert where the water flows!
2. Shatoune Shepard said on 9/27/17 - 06:09AM
My WOLS experience is beyond words, To be surrounded by the amount of spirit and love was awesome! The speakers were phenomenal with a wealth of information. I am so grateful to be apart of such an amazing group of people. Special Thanks to Anthony King for your vision and allowing us to watch it all manifest.
3. Cayce Kaban said on 9/28/17 - 04:55PM
I AM in total bliss from my exceptional experience at the WOLS. It is and was everything I imagined it would be. The connections that were made with everyone was so rewarding and I know that I have found my "HIGH VIBE TRIBE" and I AM grateful. I AM so excited to be a part of such an important movement to helping heal humanity on so many levels. We are who we have been waiting for and the time is right for us to move forward. I AM dedicated to seeing next year expand tenfold and then some. I intend to spend my time for the next year promoting the Symposium as I promote UT throughout the country on my travels. I AM so honored to call all of you my brothers and sisters and look forward to having the pleasure and opportunity to give you a hug once again as we cross paths over and over in our precious lives. We are so blessed.
4. Casey Lee Weir said on 9/29/17 - 04:59PM
The 'Water Of Life Symposium' was a weekend to remember. The commune throughout the entire weekend was an over flow of warmth and vibrancy with a huge exchange of knowledge and colorful emotions from a group of beautiful people from different walks of life sharing their experiences and testimonies pre and post their water. The registration/ meet and greet was a great prelude to Saturday's event, it was as though we had all met before. Saturday's Symposium was fulfilling and quite satisfying; the set up was beautiful and inviting. From communion to our speakers and our dynamic host Anthony A.K King. Sunday's goodbye's brought on much anticipation for 2018, all while we laughed and embraced and soaked up as much compelling energy from such a wonderful weekend as we possibly could. I appreciate being able to come together and connect with such a spiritually authentic vibration. It was a joy meeting and embracing all of you and I look forward to seeing you all again at WOLS 2018.
5. Tonya Richmond said on 10/9/17 - 04:05AM
WOLS 2017 was spectacular! I got to see Anthony King's vision become a reality. The decor in the room was simple and classy! The personalized name plate made me feel honored to be there. I enjoyed hearing each speaker, and they each left me with a new piece of knowledge! I can only imagine how amazing WOLS 2018 will be!
6. Itsa Crocker said on 4/14/18 - 09:26PM
If it looks like a duck!! And Yes, i personally have applied it to severe infection and drank it's benefits to cure myself. All for free, no requirement for instructions or to join groups. Wishing you power to your first step, intuition will guide you once you try it.

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