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Open Discussion On Urine Therapy

by Anthony AK King on 03/22/17

"I Drink My Pee And Now EYE See The Benefits Of Urine Therapy."
This was the title of the episode on 'The Simmie Braxton Show.'
It was enlightening but most of all empowering to those that drink & inspiring to those that are considering drinking their 'WaterOf Life.'
Simmie does a great job of hosting his show & promoting the upcoming #WaterOfLifeSymposium on Sept 22-24 2017
go to the Media page & listen to the show...
Part l & ll are delightful! :-)

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1. Shatoune said on 3/22/17 - 02:19PM
Each Day sheds new light while partaking in Urine Therapy,from wellness, to self realization, to spiritual awakening. I am truly thankful for my water and I am turning back flips because my hot flashes are gone!!!
2. Enoch said on 3/28/17 - 05:57PM
This was a very enjoyable should to be a part of. The water is something that I feel, if people can find it, should be started as early as possible. We see people in their 50s who are renewed to feel and operating as if they are in their 20s. How amazing would it be for people to start when they are in their 20s? Their teens?? I'm glad to have gotten into this practice in my 20s, and to have experienced the learning that has come from pursuing this water science. I got more to say, but for now I'll keep it short with this little comment!
3. Bunmi Sunmoila said on 9/29/17 - 01:17PM
When am 5 years of age my mummy told me I always have convulsions she give me her own urine to drink and I live
4. Eddie Leong said on 7/30/18 - 10:06AM
I live in Singapore. Have been on UT for 18 years, with the past 16 years not having to see a doctor for illness. The rare common cold is knocked off by Panadol or common cold meds. Have saved thousands of $$. No more health supplements. Cannot recall when was the last time I had a fever. I need no convincing... UT is keeping me healthy.
5. Shatoune said on 9/25/18 - 08:49PM
I had a wonderful time at the symposium this year. I enjoyed the energy of oneness,the embracing of those in pain as well as the speakers and entertainment. I began drinking my water almost 2 years ago. I had experienced some medical issues with eczema and type 2 diabetes. Since drinking my water, I no longer have any skin issues. Just recently I went to the doctor for a followup for the diabetes and was told that the 7 medications that were prescribed would now be taken off my pharmacy record and replaced with "Diabetes now controlled through diet and exercise, however upon stopping the medication which I only took 2 out of the 7 prescribed for 1 month then just stayed on my water to get in total control of my health! I am grateful for my water. The water effects you on all levels:spiritual,mental,emotional & physical, I've never missed a day drinking my water since I began. Drink of yourself and truly live!!!
6. I Am said on 10/19/18 - 11:00AM
i have been in my water for about 9 months now the journey has been magical i live in the uk but I'm mainly leaving a comment to reach out to brother AK as he's been a big inspiration in my life and i would love to converse one day. I've learned so much and keen to learn n share more so if you've got 5 minutes brother give me a shout it would be a big deal for me, love to the water family all of you ali,simmie,mama d,cortney,useph,sandy,tim,danielle you are loved and respected to the max thousands of miles away just to let you know. I would of sent an email but i havent got an email address for king and I don't do social media nuff love regardless my email is
7. Peter said on 9/14/19 - 07:28AM
I have been drinking my urine for quite some time. One benefit is that I believe it keeps me detoxified on a continual basis and helps me get the most benefit and assimilation from the food I eat. Thanks for organizing this symposium. I encourage everyone to participate and share this very effective holistic therapy practice.

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