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Your Thoughts On 'Drinking Your Own Urine!'

by Anthony AK King on 11/24/16

Greetings loved ones,

Welcome to the WOLS Blog site, which was created with YOU in mind!

I have been drinking my Water Of Life (Urine) every day for over 3 years. 

My spirit has opened up and allows me to see beyond my mortal thoughts into the marvelous light of our true being.
The water that we make daily is magic! It heals our body, mind and soul, providing an enormous source of energy keeping my mind vibrant.
I look forward to the 'Water Of Life Symposium 2017' to see, meet & hear others share their story of life in the 'Water.'

Anthony AK King
WOLS Founder


Comments (22)

1. Casey Lee Weir said on 11/25/16 - 08:04PM
Drinking my water has welcomed me into the balance of my life, my water has introduced me to myself. I remember my first sip so vividly and the memory is always accompanied with a warm and comforting feeling; the kind of feeling that you get when you hear a song that takes you back to that familiar place that brought you so much joy. I've been drinking from the well of life for over 3 years now and when I think back to that moment I now know that I was welcomed home. So many channels have been opened up inside of me, many of my thoughts have been reconditioned and so many of my wants and desires have been defamed. My water has allowed my true compass to operate and I constantly look forward to it telling me and showing me. I incorporate my water in everything that I do in this life and in turn I am able to see and embrace how life takes care of me. I look forward to the 'Water Of Life Symposium;' I imagine that the commune will be, in the most awesome way, beyond my thoughts.
2. Tonya Brown said on 11/26/16 - 07:15PM
I started drinking my 'water of life' almost two years ago! My ancestors gain access to the water of life through me. My water has strengthened my immune system, since I'm around kids everyday! I anticipate that the knowledge shared at this WOLS will enrich my life tremendously, as well as others who attend!
3. Timothy Wells said on 12/4/16 - 05:03PM
I LOVE MY WATER! I started drinking my urine back in 2013 off and on due to some information I was provided about its spiritual and medicinal value to me; and it made sense. I just had to wrap my head around the concept of "drinking my pee." In December of that year, a visit to the hospital for diverticulitis changed my whole perspective on my urine and I started drinking on a daily basis, as I do now. I decided not to take the prescription meds I was given and go with my urine instead. My water introduced me to myself in an entirely new way; my ability to self-heal. It began to center me, and I noticed my energy levels went up and my weight went down from 254lbs to 225lbs in a matter of a few months. I wasn't starving myself, but my appetite went through a makeover as I drank, which also continues. My skin became clearer and my appearance is much to the contrary of many people my age bracket. I no longer experience the crazy bouts with cold and flu symptoms which would occur every year up until I started drinking my water. The Water of Life is proving to be the best thing I've ever done for myself and I'm inspired hearing and reading about others in the WOL family. I'm am very excited about the upcoming WOLS as I'm looking forward to connecting with people around the world.
4. Timothy Wells said on 12/4/16 - 07:14PM
When I was introduced to drinking my urine in 2013, I was a "willing-skeptic." Willing due to a trusted source providing me the information that drinking my urine provides a connection to myself spiritually, mentally and physically. I was skeptical due to it being my urine,"my pee," which I understood to be waste water from the body. I began to try it from time to time; wrapping my mind around the concept and giving attention to the different aromas and tastes of it. It was December 2013 that I fully connected with my urine as my Water of Life. I developed a pain in my lower abdominal which resulted in a hospital visit complete with a diagnosis of diverticulitis. I was presented with "blue chalky substance" in an 6 oz. cup and told I had to drink it so that they could see inside me to tell me what my issue was. In that moment, "wisdom" spoke saying, "These people can give you anything and say it's for your health and you will take it with no issue. But I tell you that you have the ability in you to heal yourself and you won't do it." From then on, I started drinking my urine, my Water of Life (WOL) and developed my relationship with myself. My WOL has changed the way I look and feel. I am healthier now than I have ever been. My energy level shot up shortly after I committed to daily to WOL consumption. I attribute the change in my appetite to my WOL. Twenty-nine pounds (29lbs)left my body within three months as a result of the WOL. The last three years I went through the cold and flu season without have to deal with symptoms. I am centered mentally and spiritually and enjoy experimenting with different ways to positively effect myself through my WOL. I've seen some powerful stories and comments from others in the WOL family and am excited about meeting many of you at the Symposium. Congratulations to Mr. King on this endeavor. You have my support!
5. Sandy Rodgers said on 12/8/16 - 06:39AM
My Spiritual journey of feasting on my ‘water’ began it seems like since my inception. But in reality 2013 marks my reawakening to my true inner self. I know as babies our mothers would wash our face with our wet diapers to clean the bacteria from our faces. Well they called it something different. Either way they knew the importance and the benefits of applying fresh urine soaked ‘cloth’ diapers to eliminate skin rash or heat rash on a babies’ skin. I am speaking here of the pre-disposable diaper days, 100% cotton cloth diapers! I am always open to learning new ways of doing things. So when the idea and concept of partaking of my own urine was introduced I was quite interested and not turned off or immediately disregard the notion. I chose to do a little research on the concept and to speak with a trusted holistic educator and doctor friend. I was advised that the very concept I was asking about he taught to his students at his institute. I was reassured this was not only recommended but indeed very healthy. I was now completely in. My first sip was fascinating. The taste of your own urine is unique and warm to the palette. There are no human words to describe the sensation I felt. Having no words is usually an indication, at least to me, that the experience is of a very spiritual nature. My body has been cleansed of several nuisances since my beginning of daily urine intake. My skin glows! People assume my age is much younger than my chronological years which makes me feel pretty doggone good!! Seriously I feel super and my energy soars on most days. My creativity is increasing in unexpected magnitude. I am extremely keen and sensitive to people. I am extra alert and can determine much quicker than ever when to leave or release a person or situation from my life. Some days I drink all that I release, it just depends on what I want to accomplish. Currently I am working on a documented cure for removal/reversal of cataracts. Yes it includes a strong healthy plant based diet however the main focus for me is on rinsing my eyes daily several times with fresh urine to break up the cloudy covering over my retina. In the beginning I was using an eye dropper to place the urine in my eyes. When I awoke in the morning my eyes would be crusted shut with heavy mucus-like residue. This was a situation I had not experienced prior to using the urine drops. Now I have escalated my routine to using an eye cup that I just learned about. I place the cup over my eyes and move my eyeball around to get the urine fully saturated in the eye socket. My intention is to share my 100% reversal at the WOLS in September 2017!!! God’s Blessings upon you as you embark upon YOUR HEALTHIEST LIFE EVER!! MUCH LOVE…
6. Danielle A.Graham-Sargent said on 12/11/16 - 12:08PM
I have Multiple Sclerosis and didn't entertain the thought of drinking my own urine until I was listening to Kings in the Morning on the Jay King Network, and I pushed the one to tell them I took medication,so I would give my "piss" a try..we all laughed,but that was the beginning of a new Life for me. I have been an avid drinker for maybe a couple of years now. My life has changed in so many ways since then. Hopefully I will get to continue my Testimony at the Water of Life Symposium. If God gives us the Gift of Living Water..take it!
7. Diane Rader said on 12/11/16 - 11:24PM
I became acquainted with Anthony "AK" King, Jay King, and other people connected with the Jay King network over a year ago. I heard them always talking about drinking their own urine, but did not think it was something I wanted to do. I listened to AK about the benefits, vibrations, and the empowerment it gives over our body, mind, and soul. AK took the time to talk to me and get me to understand my hesitation with drinking of my own water. On the Real-N-Raw Radio show I co-host, AK was telling a story about how we come from the water in the womb and survived on it with no air. All of a sudden it made sense to me, click went the light bulb. I have only been drinking my own water for four months, but I can tell you there has been a drastic change for me. Not only spiritually, mentally freeing me, but also physically. In this four months, I have so much more energy, I feel the good vibration I put out around myself, but I also have an amazing story involving an ongoing health issue since 1999, that for the first time since then, is normal. I am excited to go to the Water of Life Symposium to share the whole story with everyone. I am also really looking forward to hearing other peoples testimonies and becoming more knowledgeable with the different techniques and benefits.
8. Sophia said on 12/13/16 - 10:31PM
When I heard of urine therapy years ago I basically dismissed the concept. I wasn't in total disbelief but simply let it fly over my head. Earlier this year it was reintroduced to me by AK. If you know him you'll know how passionate he gets when he believes in something. I decided then that I would give it a try. Well I tried it but my issue was consistency. Later in the summer I met with a few family members and listened to several complain about health issues. I decided I'd share the benefits of the therapy with them. Of course a few of them laughed and joked, saying that the thought of drinking their own urine was beyond preposterous. All except one family member that complained of excruciating pain in her knees. She said 'I will do anything if it will help my knees.' I googled the benefits and read them out loud for my entire family to hear. They still laughed and taunted, dismissing the idea. All except my cousin with the knee issues. The following day she sent me a picture of herself in her bathroom with a styrofoam cup saying 'let the journey begin.' Needless to say till this day the issues she was having with her knees have disappeared. Her skin looks remarkable and time appears to be rewinding for her. That's her testimony from me and soon I'll have my own. Thank you for answering the calling on your life to introduce and inform us of the healing inside ourselves. God is so amazing. The fact that he built us with everything we need right inside of us continually keeps me in awe. God bless, educate and keep you all. Happy healing.
9. Richelle Banks said on 12/16/16 - 09:40AM
2 years ago, I was introduced to the Water by the most Unique man I have ever known Anthony AK King. I struggled off and on with consistency in the drinking everyday but have learned by trial and error and by being persistent that there are many ways and benefits to drinking your water. It is a very personal experience. Here is my story: As a child of about 5 years the first time I mixed my water in my bath I instinctively knew it was the right thing to do. Since that time, I have continued this never telling anyone about it except AK after he introduced me to the Water. As a child, I was never sick and healed any superficial wounds faster than the people I knew with minimum scarring. As an adult I rarely get sick and only for a few days. Over my life time I realized that there are clues about your Water in every culture and religion no matter how diluted or distorted it has become. An example is the Japanese offering their first water in the mornings when they wake. The first thing I do when I wake is to offer the first Water to the Creator and have communion with him. This is the most genuine Love I have found to offer. Scripture says Out of his belly shall flow rivers of water. Drink up! Happy drinking to everyone and Thank You AK I love you all!
10. Adria Jay said on 12/16/16 - 04:37PM
After having my first child, I learned from my grandfather, Cornelius Brewer, that urine would heal the baby acne on my daughter Ashley’s face. My grandfather told me to stop using disposal diapers on my baby and to use cloth instead and to rub the wet diaper on her face. I did exactly what he said and the next day my daughter’s face was clear. I thought my grandfather was a genius! I never shared that story with anyone until Anthony AK King introduced me to drinking my own water about 3 years ago close to 27 years after my grandfather's instructions. I must admit the first time I attempted to drink I gaged because psychologically I was unprepared. It took me a few days before I could freely drink of myself. Once I did, my eyes were opened. I was able to think clearly and I knew my health was inside of me! I have been free of illness for the past 3 years not even a common cold. I use my water on my hair with essential oils like lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus as well as rub my water into my skin daily. Since I’ve been using my water on my hair, it has grown approximately 6-7 inches, and the bald edges on my hairline have grown back. In March of 2016, I sliced the tip (about 1/8 of an inch) of my left pointer finger off while using a mandolin. I immediately wrapped my finger and applied pressure to stop the bleeding then I soaked my finger in aged urine. The bleeding persisted for over 45 minutes so I went to the ER. The nurse in ER wrapped my finger and told me that the tip of my finger would never grow back. However, I wasn’t settling for that! I continued to soak my finger in my water and change my bandages. After about 8 weeks, my finger was healed and the tip and nail had grown back completely! Thank you AK for introducing me to the healing power that flows from inside of ME like a river!<3 <3
11. King New Child Kirkland said on 12/18/16 - 05:05PM
I started drinking my water in November of 2014 right after receiving a call from AK right before I was heading out for a 7 mile run. After he explained to me the positive affect it had on both his physical and mental being I urinated up to half way in a plastic cup drank it down and headed out for my jog. While jogging my energy was strong I was light on my feet with no signs of early dehydration. That was a clear indication to me that I was on to something extremely beneficial so I decided to drink the next day and continued until I became so comfortable that I began shaving my head and face cleaning my ears brushing my teeth and gargling with it as well. Eventually, I started pouring it on my fruits and vegetables to wash off the white chemical residue and it literally brought them back to life in real time. Not to mention the random compliments about my skin being so smooth or the whiteness of my teeth and the oh so common question, what's your secret? lol Last but not least, my desire to rip and run in and out the house died down and I replaced it with meditation stretching and reading. I even called AK to tell him how it reduced my urge to drink alcohol. I'm grateful to have been introduced to a simple way of healing my self from within which is the gift we all should give to our self today and moving forward for the rest of our natural lives. *Drink UP* 1 Luv !
12. Goddess Of The Hive Rahmana said on 1/1/17 - 10:56AM
I drink of myself to renew myself. One of the best things that I have ever done. Thank you AK for introducing me to myself.
13. Jay King said on 1/2/17 - 01:46PM
I am proud to be a part of the 1st water of life symposium, I know how powerful it will be and how many lives will change because of it. We are living in a world of conditioned minds and ideas and this symposium will help us all to divorce from and stay divorced from the ideas of the world and help us to marry ourselves to the best parts of us. Drink your water, open up your mind and recalibrate your life!
14. S.Shepard said on 1/3/17 - 06:19PM
I suffer from allergies. I noticed when I began drinking my water that when I wake up in the morning my eyes are no longer watery I am no longer blowing my nose over and over. I also have type 2 diabetes, can't wait to go to the doctor for my checkup to see where my numbers are at the end of this month.
15. Jacqueline Imani said on 1/25/17 - 09:49PM
I first became aware of the healing properties of Urine from my mother. She told me to rub urine on my earlobes after wearing earrings that broke me out, they were healed within a day or so. Being reacquainted last year, I began drinking and stopped and began again...I will not stop now! I feel amazing! my skin glows, my head is clearing up, my sleep is sound and my energy is high. I look forward to the WOLS, seeing and hearing how it is changing the lives of all who partake.
16. Melvin Wafer Sr. said on 1/26/17 - 05:12AM
To My Brotha Anthony AK King, my childhood Brotha from Compton, Ca. We are right at 50yrs of being Brotha's WOW! Thanks for all the info you have given me over the years with your Knowledge and wisdom. The is gonna be a blast. The best thing in Life for me now is, Understanding how "Urine Therapy works to the body. After doing my own research, this is one of the most Amazing and Natural way of healing my body. Drink from Thyself & Live and learn, its a beautiful thang.Thanks Pot Nah and much Love to you always :)
17. alex said on 1/27/17 - 07:44PM
If you really want to help people why don't you advise people how to drink your urine?
18. A'Leah Jones said on 1/31/17 - 07:00PM
The first time I drank my urine I was bed ridden with the flu. I drank a nice gulp of it and by the next morning all my flu symptoms had gone away. I have been partaking in my water for a year (off an on); despite not being consistent I have seen the benefits of it. My Urine made me realize how bad I was eating and I changed my habits within the week; I felt like I couldn't stomach the junk food anymore. I started putting my urine onto my severe eczema patches and it moisturized my skin and started slowly taking away the dry spots.The benefits of drinking your urine are plenty; personally I have found it best to keep it in my daily routine so I can reach optimum health with my skin and the food I intake.
19. Ali Seaton said on 2/7/17 - 02:01PM
Life is a whole life when you know how and why your body works without contamination. My oil and water mixes greatly together. I have been rubbing, drinking, wearing, washing, soaking and last, but not least storing my Urine for almost three years now. I sing/rap about it for my own Urine Music masterpieces. I use my 30 day old water for my hair, my face cleanser, skin lotion, shower/bath wash. I drink my fresh water daily. I secure my urine with a no meat, a very low sugar and salt diet. I drink distilled water as well, a gallon a day. It works greatly to know that I do something that lives forever. Urine will out last all things and everybody. Your money is no good here when I drink of myself for free.
20. Shatoune said on 2/26/17 - 11:52PM
I have Type II Diabetes I went in to have my blood drawn so that my A1C levels could be checked. when I was first diagnosed my A1C was at 15.0 Normal A1C levels should be 6.9 to 7.0 I have been drinking my water since December 2016 my recent A1C was at 10.0. i just received a message from my doctor for my last results from this past Friday visit, Feb. 24th my A1C levels have completely regulated and is now 6.7. WELLNESS IS IN THE WATER!!!
21. Cayce Kaban said on 9/28/17 - 05:08PM
I learned about UT on 1/21/17 and started looping on 1/23/17. I jumped right in as I totally believed to people I had heard on YouTube. I was able to heal arthritis in my hands in 10 days and quit taking all medications I was on in 2 weeks. I have cured myself of arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, degenerative disc disease, COPD, sciatica, and excessive cramping in my hamstrings and calves. It has been a true miracle in my life and I AM so grateful. I now travel around meeting others who are doing UT and promoting UT to new people as well as promoting the Symposium for next year. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this amazing tribe and can't wait for next year already, we are who we've been waiting for.
22. Peter clayton said on 8/27/18 - 06:00AM
Urine Therapy is a very Divine intelligence! That can be delivered to our body's simply.Poor Man Rich Man. It can change the course that this planet is on with its better help to the collective thought. I would strongly suggest to understand the reason for it's suppression. Nature always has a way of balance. God Bless

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