About Water Of Life Symposium
WOLS Staff
"Please be sure to join us at the 
'Water Of Life Symposium' 
Sept. 21-23 2018!"
Las Vegas, NV.
Water Of Life Symposium 
is an event focused on the embrace of 
'Urine Therapy' as a guide to heightened 
spiritual, mental and physical well being. 
Our goal is to enlighten, inform and bring 
attention to the benefits of
 'The Water Of Life' flowing through us all. 

Casey Lee Weir
   Oper. Asst.
Our greatest asset is that we sincerely care 
about people and strive to empower as many as we can through our uplifting social gatherings and collective interactions.
SEPT. 21-23, 2018
Las Vegas, NV. 89109
Westgate Resort 
We appreciate your love and support.
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S G W L S 8
3000 Paradise Rd.
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